Makerspace for kids


  1. 能夠運用生活常見材料(易取得、再生資源)
  2. 手工具操作
  3. 能夠針對媒材或工具進行應用與變化
  1. maker space for kids(配置參考
  2. 活動開發中心
  1. 我拆 我拆 我拆拆拆-居家生活小物拆卸,鼓勵自行準備。
  2. 動起來的小玩意-每月訂不同主題與挑戰任務,提供參考圖示或實物作為模仿參考。 
  1. 邀集~
  1. 週三下午(學校半天)
  2. 週末假日
  1. 工具類型
  2. 展示
  1. 輔導員、志工(常駐)
  2. 講師(週期性)


  1. 沒人來-周遭學校及社區宣傳、FB。
  2. 因為對象為孩子,會有類似班級經營的挑戰(例如吵架、打架等)。引發孩子的內在動機,利用停權等方式處理。
  3. 家長會因為是小孩子的活動而不願意付錢甚至惡意殺價


  1. 贊助(文教基金會、專業才藝教室)。
  2. 使用者付費。

Here is the google translate...check it to see how close it is.

I love this part " Event Development Center Event Type I Demolish Me Demolish Demolition Demolition" haha

oh yeah!

 Because of the object for the children, there will be similar to the class management challenges (such as quarrels, fighting, etc.). - Incentive mechanism (small gifts, - Let’s do the opposite...if they are bad they are banned for a month or the next class. We need to teach them to accept consequences of their actions  Just like the real world. ( out of 1000 students I have only had to suspend 6...sounds good!). We use the  3 strike rule. If a teacher gets upset with your behavior you get a strike). Its very unemotional. Its no big deal, everyone is welcome back after they change their attitude. And kids change their attitude quickly.  It’s amazing what kids can do if you empower them with their own.


TmaxRnD Methodology for Teachers Level 1


 Note for parents 

Your kid will get cut, burned, and electrocuted (mildly) at some point during this class. It’s no big deal, in fact, we make it fun. If you are not ok with that...that’s’s not for everyone. Maybe next time. (And make sure your kid wears old clothes ;)

We turn minions into masterminds.

Kids are born with many different passion and talents.  We help them maximize their talents. We give them the skills to adapt to anything that they come across in their lives. They are always thinking.


These are great examples, however, making in Taiwan is very different than Western countries. It has it own unique making culture. Many things that work in North America don’t work in Taiwan. I’ve tried and learned already.